A strong strategy gets a business from A to B. I will consult and outline a clear vision for your business, then help you achieve it through cross-channel marketing, engagement, development and the right tools.


I create websites using WordPress so you have the controls and log ins. Going forwards, if you want to update your content or post a new blog you can do so independently, at no extra cost.


A website without SEO will get lost. I can help with your SEO and make sure your website is being found by search engines like Google and therefore your customers.

Social Media

I design a content strategy for your social media channels like instagram and facebook so your brand represents itself as well as it can and gets readers, followers, likes which lead to sales. Continue reading “Social Media”


I will help you produce blogs and newsletters from curating the topics, content timetables and writing the copy for them, depending on your needs.


With people accessing websites on mobile phones even more than their desktop PC or Mac, I develop all websites 100% responsive so they look great on any and every device your customer is using.


I help businesses choose and plug in e-commerce pages to their sites so you can sell your products directly, or transition from Etsy shop fronts.


Not every business owner has the time to update their website. I can ease the pressure.