Digital Response

Launched a B2B brand called Digital Response to generate monthly leads to assist Northcliffe Digital’s sales team and re-work their sales proposition 

into a digestible, saleable package.

The problem: Northcliffe Digital’s (a regional newspaper company), B2C portfolio consisted of over 27 website brands and over 100 newspaper title brands, all with different advertising inventory sizes, types and packages available – making for a muddling proposition for our sales team to explain to their customers and dilating the power of the local brands on a national playing field.

The solution: I created just one B2B brand called Digital Response to umbrella all of these brands and consolidate the Sales offering. This gave them a unified presence and nation-wide clout to pitch themselves against the competition and national newspaper titles. I produced brand guidelines, sales collateral, media packs and a website using WordPress. I curated and wrote blog posts, produced a newsletter, ads, sponsored events and exhibitions.


Activity generated 200 leads per month for our sales team. Built a data-base of 10,000 for our CRM.