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‘YES’ is my favourite word and ‘be a little kinder than is necessary’ is my favourite saying. I believe in translating positive sentiments in to digital concepts and digital connections in to positive action.

Today I found a bumble bee on the pavement as I was walking home. It was sitting very still as lots of people marched by in their London manner. Not stopping, not helping. A small insignificant bee and their big important lives – why would they?

I remembered something I had read on the internet about giving a tired bee a drop of sugary water to revive it so it can fly on its way to find pollen. The only thing I had was coconut water in my Waitrose bag, (I know), so I poured a capful and encouraged the bee on to my Evening Standard so I could carry it to the closest bush. I sprinkled the coconut water nearby in case it needed a drink and left it out of harms way.

I am not sure if bees drink coconut water. I am not sure if this bee was even thirsty, but I am happy I took the time to help (much to the school kid’s amusement who was watching me from a wall a little suspiciously!).

It gave me the idea for the first – conscious – zoevow. I VOW to take time out for the little things and the little guy, whether it be a bee, a person or a business. If I can make a positive impact I vow to take a little time to be kind, to be present, to express love.

If you have any examples let me know about them and spread them – lets start a movement of vows using social media channels. I have set up Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, join in @spreadthevow #spreadthevow

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Bee Love.

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One thought on “Take positive action. #spreadthevow

  1. Hey lovely I love your idea which is definitely driven from a need a lot of people is expetiencing in these days it also as reminded me of an interesting article recently share on FB from Jay here you go the link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W81CHn4l4AM&feature=youtu.be

    I’m not sure if bees drinks coconut water as I do not know much about Synapsys and neurons interconnectivity but I really believe in the positive devastating effect of taking time to give coconut water to a bumbling and maybe thirsty bee on a London pavement

    I VOW xxx

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