4 tips how to improve your website’s SEO

I have heard many small businesses asking how to improve their website’s rank on Google search. Luckily you don’t need to crack the ‘dark art’ of web optimisation to boost your SEO. I usually recommend these 4 top simple tips:

  1. Keep updating your website. The more you refresh content on your website, whether it is a new blog post or a new image, new products or adding pages or information the better!
  2. Keywords. Define your key search terms are by describing your product, how people are finding you and using themselves, and which kind of terms are tranding on Google and then use them again and again!
  3. Be organised. Google doesn’t like a big mess so give each of your pages specific content themes so that the link people land on is relevant to their search straight away. If they find the right bits faster you will come up higher in the rankings for it
  4. Make friends! And by this I mean links. The more internal links (from your website) and more importantly external links (backlinks pointing to your website from credible popular websites) the better. You might still be small fry, but if Google thinks the popular kid at school has given you the thumbs up it will befriend you too.

There are many other factors that may be out of your comfort zone like improving coding and technical structuring your website but just these 4 simple best practices should help immensely. Although no-one really knows Google’s secret algorithms, which may well be the ‘dark art’ of a wizard, the above is certainly not rocket science. Let me know how you get on!

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